Accident Investigation

Think safety is expensive? – Try having an accident

Most organisations do not know what accidents and ill-health really cost them in time and money. Few bother to examine costs if and when they investigate accidents and incidents.

Britain has a relatively good health and safety record, yet annually there are one million injuries and 2.3 million cases of work-related ill-health – leading to around 40 million lost working days. Assuming that most of the costs associated with accidents, incidents and work-related ill-health are recoverable through insurance is a dangerous misconception – HSE estimates that the ratio between insured and uninsured costs lies between £1:£8 and £1:£36. In other words – for every £1 recovered from insurers at least £8 is being lost entirely. Uninsured costs can include lost time, sick pay, damage to equipment and raw materials, delays in production, fines and legal costs. Accident and ill-health costs are like an iceberg – the recoverable costs are clearly visible, but those hidden below the waterline are far greater. During times of recession it is more important than ever to invest to defend the bottom line by preventing losses due to accidents, incidents and work-related ill-health. How does your organisation assess the costs of accidents? How can Green Light help you?

  • We offer a step by step investigation process
  • We get to the root cause, why did this accident happen?
  • We offer advice and solutions so the same accident does not happen again
  • We offer advice on dealing with HSE inspectors
  • We also can write or help you write a company accident and investigation policy