ARE YOU COMPLIANT?????????????

From the 01/10/12 Fee for Intervention (FFI) will come into effect, which means that the HSE will recover costs of carrying out its regular functions, from those found to be in breach of health & safety regulations.

This means that the cost for companies & organisations found to be in breach of health & safety laws will pay for the HSE’s time and manpower.

The amount of the fee will depend upon the amount of time the HSE inspectors has to spend identifying the material breaches, investigating and taking enforcement action and helping businesses to put it right.

This is a drive to change the culture of health & safety in Great Britain.

Under FFI only duty holders whose found to be in material breach of Health & Safety will incur a fee; duty holders who are compliant with the law or where a breach is not material will not be charged and FFI for the work they have done with them.

FFI applies to all businesses where the HSE is the regulatory body, including public and limited companies, general, partnerships, crown etc.

Where an employee is in material breach, the employer is also in material breach; FFI only applies to material breach of employer.

Material breach contravention of health & safety law that requires an HSE Inspector to issue a notice in writing to duty holder in.

As a guide the FFI fee payable by the duty holder material breaches will be £124 (this still to be confirmed).

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